Advance Treatments

3D Image Scanning Technology For Custom Made Foot Orthotics:
At Healthy Feet Podiatry we use the latest in 3D scanning technology to provide the most accurate, high quality orthotic devices available.  With this type of technology specific modifications can be made down to the millimeter  greatly reducing human error previously found in the past with older methods of casting.

Deep Dry Needling:
Our Podiatrists are trained to carry out deep dry needling which uses acupuncture type needles to release contracted muscle fibers through stimulation of trigger points.  This can help reduce myofascial tightness and return the muscle to its normal resting length which can improve joint and muscle function for a a variety of conditions.

Mobilisation and manipulation:
Using a variety of techniques and rehabilitation exercises, a mobilising and manipulation plan can be used by our podiatrists to release connective tissue restrictions (ligaments, joint capsule, joint cross linkages, etc.) and to restore normal joint motion and function.  This allows the foot to function in a more effective and efficient way.  In conjunction with Orthotic Therapy, Mobilisation and Manipulating techniques can be utilised for a variety of conditions and biomechanical issues.

Tool Assisted Massage:
Tool Assisted Massage (TAM) releases fascial restrictions such as scar tissues, connective tissue adhesion’s and adaptations that limit joint range of motion.  TAM can be used to help plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, hammer/claw toes and bunion’s/HAV’s in conjuction with orhter therapies such joint mobilisation, therapeutic exercise, other soft tissue therapies and at home exercise regimes.